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Designer shoe types styles

As you already know there are heaps of types of designer shoes available with their own distinct design. Sometimes the lines can get a bit blurry with designers crossing over several types of styles.

Designer shoe Sandals

Sandals are open shoes that you can easily slip in to.
Designer shoe sandal types and style


Pumps are known by their high heels and are different from platform shoes that are high all around with no gap in the middle.
Designer shoe sandal types and style


Peep toes are cute with the open front and you can look even cuter when you point your toes together :P
Designer shoe sandal types and style


Wedges are distinct with their back in a solid wedge form.
Designer shoe sandal types and style


Ballerinas are flat shoes inspired by ballerina shoes.
Designer shoe sandal types and style


You can tell they are slides by how easy it is to slide your feet in.
Designer shoe sandal types and style


Boots usually cover the bottoms of your leg and the knees.
Designer shoe sandal types and style


Low cut version of the boots
Designer shoe sandal types and style

What’s your favourite shoe style?

I know i love my slides the most!

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